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About me

Corinne Laan

Corinne is a licensed Acupuncturist, Holistic Childbirth Facilitator, HypnoBirthing Practitioner and a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor. Her passion for birth and motherhood began a number of years ago while working as a Specialist Nurse with mothers and babies in the United Kingdom and Europe. Being witness to how pregnancy, birth and motherhood transform a woman’s life, greatly influenced and shaped her practice to this day. In 2014, she became the creator and founder of Sacred Loss; a training program which focuses in helping mothers heal from pregnancy loss, stillbirth and infant loss as well as healing from a bad birth experience. Corinne has trained doulas and other birth professionals from around the world and this aspect of her work has expanded since its launch.

An occasional blogger and contributor to the Sacred Pregnancy magazine, she uses journaling, crafting and birth art to inspire and empower women; helping them to discover their inner strength and celebrate their femininity and beauty.

In addition to her nursing qualification, Corinne has a background in psychology, neuroscience, prenatal and postnatal yoga, baby massage, Tuina massage and is a licensed Acupuncturist. Always seeking to provide the best possible care to the families in her practice, she continues to enhance her skills and knowledge by learning from other birth gurus, Traditional Chinese Medicine experts, gyneacologists and obstetricians from around the world.

Being a mother of two young boys and having been brought up in a traditional community where women care for each other in the postpartum months, Corinne is bringing back the old traditions and expanding her practice to include a holistic postpartum service. Renew Postpartum Care Package is based on the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and aims to help mothers recover from birth quicker and achieve optimal health. Corinne combines research-based information, compassion, creativity, intuition and wisdom in her work and hence provides mothers, fathers and babies a unique service.

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