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Sacred Pregnancy 

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Sacred Pregnancy classes

Sacred Pregnancy journey

The Sacred Pregnancy journey starts early in your pregnancy. It will provide you with the space you need to explore and embrace the changes happening to your body, mind and spirit.

  • Week One: Sacred Space
  • Week Two: Connections and Expectations
  • Week Three: Food and Body Image
  • Week Four: Relationships and Romance
  • Week Five: Fears
  • Week Six: Forgiveness
  • Week Seven: Honouring
  • Week Eight: Sisterhood “ going to the bowl”

Birth Journey

The Birth Journey provides a special place for you and your partner to prepare for the birth of your baby together, exploring issues which are important to you and confidently walk through your rite of passage.

  • Week One: Standing at the Edge
  • Week Two: Surrender
  • Week Three: Birth
  • Week Four: Rite of passage


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